Sample Academy Curriculum


The Leadership Academy meets for a two-day orientation retreat and eight monthly program days. Here is a sample curriculum for the program year.  Each year the curriculum changes slightly depending on the availability of venues and guest leaders/speakers.

Leadership Retreat: A professionally facilitated two-day orientation to start the Academy program year in September, including team-building and problem-solving activities and an introduction to the “Positive Leadership” curriculum.

Leadership Academy fellows meet monthly to explore issues, institutions and resources in MetroWest and to engage in discussions with policy makers, business leaders, educators and experts in their field.  A sample Academy curriculum includes:

Government : Discussion about local government with a panel of MetroWest selectmen and Town Managers; a visit to the State House to meet with members of the MetroWest delegation

Economy: Presentation by the MetroWest Economic Research Center and discussions with leaders from the Chamber of Commerce and the MetroWest Tourism & Visitors Bureau.

Education: A tour of KeefeTechnical High School with the superintendent about career and technical education as a public school option. An overview of another public school option, from the Director of McAuliffe Regional Charter School.

Housing: Discussion of affordable housing initiatives and issues (and its impact on workforce development) with state and local housing experts; a site visit to a local affordable housing community.

Health: A conversation with the leaders of MetroWest Medical Center and the MW Health Foundation about healthcare challenges in the region.

Arts and Culture: A tour of Danforth Art – Museum/School and a conversation with the Director; a discussion about the “creative economy” with local and state experts; a visit to a community center for the arts.

Public Safety: A tour of MCI-Framingham and a meeting with the women’s prison Superintendent;  a discussion with a panel of local public safety chiefs.

Environment: A visit to Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary and Natick Community Organic Farm and discussions with their Directors about land preservation and local agriculture.

Community Service Class Projects: Each Leadership Academy program day includes time set aside for the leadership fellows to work on a service project that will have a positive impact on the community.  Team members get hands-on experience in every aspect of creating and implementing a community-based initiative.

“Positive Leadership”:  The Leadership Academy program also includes a clear and useful approach to leadership with a strong personal development component.  This professionally designed curriculum focuses on seven core leadership capacities including authenticity, purpose, resilience, reason, community-building, advocacy, and gratitude.