Positive Leadership Curriculum


Positive Leadership Curriculum


After a two-day team-building orientation in September, the Leadership Academy meets for eight monthly program days to learn about local, regional and state issues from first-hand sources.

Another element of the program is a professionally developed, innovative curriculum, Positive Leadership, designed to help identify, expand and enhance seven leadership capacities. It is a clear and useful approach to leadership that can apply to established and emerging leaders in business, nonprofits, community organizations and municipal government, and it has a strong personal development component.

The Positive Leadership curriculum promotes and supports Leadership Academy fellows in becoming positive, forward-moving, effective leaders, and to create alignment among people working in teams.

Most leadership models assume that leadership is a trait within an individual.  Positive Leadership asserts that leadership is actually something that happens between individuals — a social force. This is a fundamental shift in thinking that can develop the ability to harness and channel the social force of leadership and to understand the mechanism of leadership at a richer level.

Asserting that leadership exists between people, and not within them, everyone has the capacity to increase their leadership effectiveness. Positive Leadership recognizes seven core capacities: authenticity, purpose, reason, advocacy, community building, resilience, and gratitude. Developing and strengthening these leadership capacities leads to increasing leadership potential.